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Past Life regressions

These videos samples show some past life regression experiences of people who are curious about the concept and are open-minded to want to explore.

The videos are taken during a past life regression ‘taster session’ group of four environment. Each person is regressed one at a time. To get an idea of what people thought afterwards, the videos also show their reactions at the end. The group environment also gives the rest of the group, an opportunity to ask any questions directly to the person who has just had the experience.

The accuracy of the limited information fed back to me, with regards to dates and location, does vary. Sometimes it is correct, sometimes it is not. Bearing in mind that the sessions are often only about fifteen minutes and that some people are less orientated within their regression than others. The most interesting thing is that often the person being regressed, has no previous known knowledge or interest in the place that they visit.

One thing that is becoming apparent is that the theme of the experience that someone has, is a reflection of what is being experienced in the current lifetime.

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