Southampton, Hampshire, UK

Regression Therapy

As spiritual practices evolve, people are realising that we are much more than a physical body. We are spiritual beings that wish to evolve our knowledge and understanding. When we are ready and want to learn more, we may choose to travel to Earth. The spirit will incarnate into a living soul with a perispirit that surrounds a human physical body to exist on Earth. The perispirit is an etherical auric field surrounding the body and holds our consciousness.

We are able to exist with other incarnated spirits who have agreed to help us play out lessons and repay karmic debts from previous lifetime experiences. Emotions play a key role and are the tools used. Lessons include love, compassion, forgiveness, hatred, fear, grief loss, sadness, abuse and more. The

When the spirit has completed its task, the soul discards the physical body and returns to its origin to have its experiences reviewed.

Any painful emotional experiences that remain unresolved, create conflict and difficulties in our life. We may have be holding onto them for many years without realising just how much they are affecting us. They can be at the root of physical illness or mental sadness that prevents a happy and fulfilled life.

The origins may be found within this life or in a previous existence that remain embedded in our soul and get projected into other lifetimes we experience.

Regession as a therapy

Unresolved trauma, fear, anxiety and stress may influence wellbing in the physical body. Regression Therapy provides effective mental health resolution for all aspects of life experiences by locating its source and working at that level, provides resolution and inner peace at the soul level.

It takes great courage to decide to work on issues that have been haunting you for years. When it is time for you to reclaim your life, book your session and lets begin the work……………… you are worth it!

Only a single session is required. There is no need to book session after session to resolve an issue.

There are no hypnotic inductions used in this therapy.

Examples of traumas worked with:

e.g. 1 The loss of a baby and the mothers’ emotional grief remains unhealed.

e.g. 2 Having an irrational fear of water and avoiding water.

e.g. 3 Having a sense of ‘feeling stuck’ in life and being unable to move forward.

Issues that clients have worked on:

  • Grief
  • Anxiety
  • Sexual abuse
  • Physical abuse
  • Mental abuse
  • Childhood abuse and bullying
  • Issues with parents
  • Bereavement
  • Accidents
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Physical illness
  • Panic attacks
  • Emotional origin of cancer
  • Loss of a child


Testimonials from Regression therapy sessions

Hi Colin, I saw my oncologist last Wednesday 27 February and she actually printed out this from the radiologist for me…!!! Speaks for itself……and thank you, so much, Colin, for your wonderful work and help. Much love. 

LL – Fareham

Firstly, i want to say what a life changing experience! I feel more empowered, confident and ‘whole’. I had been experiencing a lot of anxiety and ‘dark’ thinking, which has now noticeably gone. The bits of my soul that have returned are like ‘gentle little wisps’. Which is making sense that such energy would fragment & leave, in such painful, toxic dense energy, of such traumatic experiences. I feel the ‘light’ in me has returned. The past life regression in particular, being hung at the gallows, it was striking that the sore throat i had, disappeared after the session! AND I certainly feel my ‘voice’ getter stronger and i am communicating with conviction. My block over doing readings & magic seems to have lifted and i have renewed confidence. (The ‘Witch Wound’ has healed?) – Healing from sexual abuse.. has been noticeable my sense of self/embodiment. An absence of that toxic shame energy and low self worth. I feel like i am returning to the life i was meant to lead. Over a week later, there are still waves of release and ‘aha’ moments. The most importantly your strength and skills to able to steer and ‘hold space’ so safely are incredible. I have never had that from a therapist before. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou Colin.

LL – Southampton

Colin, I just had to write and say what an marvellous healing treatment I had with you. It is hard to describe just how much you put into each session as we covered so many different healing modalities. Amazing things happened during that session as you uncovered events in my life that no other healer/counsellor/life coach had ever touched on and I felt a huge weight clear from my mind.

SH – Southampton

My regression therapy session with Colin was incredible. There was that feeling of timelessness as soon as I stepped through the door. Synchronicity led me to Colin and synchronicity followed – magick in action. He effortlessly took me on a deep journey to a past life which ended traumatically. We explored the key moments in detail and the souls involved, then Colin guided me through a process of healing and retrieving soul fragments. That was brilliant, but what followed was more so. Through Colin’s guidance, we discovered I had an attachment that was linked to very powerful dark forces. Colin guided me through removing this. I wouldn’t have been able to do that with any healer. It was high level work, not your everyday-type of entity removal! I’ve been told I’m protected from working with any but the lightest and brightest of healers and Colin is just that. He is very gentle and incredibly humble, as the truest of them are, and quietly working up there with the very best. Thank you Colin!

FS – Ringwood

Hi Colin, I felt my session with you was magical and profound. I was amazed in one session, I cleared past life curses and spells, removed entities and a spirit attachment. I was particularly curious about you were able to speak to these energies through me and ask questions. I found the whole session remarkable and bits and pieces continue to come back to me for reflection. As a result I feel I have changed quite a bit since. Spiritually I can feel my vibration has continued to expand and I have a sense of lightness and freedom. You also worked on my ear (where you removed the child attachment), I had an ENT appointment recently and was surprised to be told I no longer need to attend hospital appointments (which I have done so since a baby). I feel lots shifted but it is difficult to describe.

KS – Ringwood

Hi Colin,
Colin – it’s changed my life. Sorry for the openness of it, but my Crohn’s was very upset stomach based (10-40 times a day) and not only are my stools formed it’s once a day. I feel so aware of who I am and what I want from life.

Ho – Lymington.

What stood out initially was just how much time you take to gain a full history and understanding of the background and how you weave this into the session. This and the sheer length of time I was with you, so comprehensive. Afterwards and for the rest of the day I felt a mixture of tiredness and elation, it was a really weird, but not unpleasant sensation! I feel there have been mixed results. The attachment, I think, has completely gone! Apart from a very little residual pain in my neck, all of my left side feels lighter and without discomfort. It took a week or so to resolve, but the change is significant.

Li – Lymington

Hi Colin. Thank you for my session I really felt I gained a lot of clarity for why my life has unravelled the way it has. I went to the location we’re my accident happened and just sat with it there, I felt different in a good way I have released that trauma and feel I can move on with my life. I’m now going off on my own and setting up for own cleaning business and so far it feels great to work for myself.

So – Southampton

I definitely felt lighter and freed up to expand into important new areas of my life, more purposefully, and with greater confidence, given that some of these things I can’t yet see appearing in the physical world, just yet! This experience has reinforced my knowing, that they are definitely coming to me. So overall the session was really worthwhile and I would highly recommend Colin to assist anyone wishing to explore their deeper and perhaps more cryptic and coded memories and intuitions, that may rest partially hidden under the surface of their conscious awareness.

NL – Fordingbridge

I just wanted to say a massive thank you since last Saturday I have felt so much lighter and more at peace, i felt just so sad everyday and ever since my regression therapy with you I feel so much happier and i haven’t felt an ounce of anxiety, this was the main reason i came to you. I definitely feel a lot more calm & at ease so thank you so much. It’s also opened me up more spiritually also I feel.

Fr – Southampton

Things came to the surface I have not consciously thought of for a very long time, situations I maybe thought were finished with and not effecting me now. They so clearly were still very much with me and I believe the conclusion in the session has given me better understanding of myself and closure to the situations. You were able to point out that in these past events and one specifically I had given away my power and you helped me reclaim it by asking me to retrieve the soul fragments of myself I had allowed to be taken. It is difficult to put into this note of gratitude just how powerful the session was but I would highly recommend anyone and everyone to see you. What we spend on our homes or vehicles if we can only invest that sort of value in ourselves for our growth, understanding of ourselves and our mental well being. Thank you Colin. JW – Totton

So for me, I’m not sure it was as beneficial. I’m someone who doesn’t communicate much and being a talking therapy it was super hard. I did feel a small weight had been lifted from my gut area for a while which was good. In terms of anxiety, it has improved slightly but I can’t pin point that on one variable. I do believe the session has had an effect. Thank you so much for your time.

JW – Southampton