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Why have a regression?

Why would I want a past life regression?

Many people are curious and wonder who they may have been in a past life. The chances of being someone famous however, is quite rare. Having a past life experience is something that will always be remembered.

The experience will often show a reflection of your current life and the way your life is unfolding. You may also recognise someone from a past life is also someone in your present life.

Regressions using hypnosis is an under-rated therapy and is far more than a curiousity. If you want a better understanding of your current life, it can help you achieve that.

  • You are seeking clarity in some ares of your life.
  • You are wanting to work through complex emotions. you are wanting to work through a traumatic experience.
  • You want to focus on personal growth.
  • You want too understand yourself better
  • You want to resolve issues you may have with certain people.

f Many people want a full session to seek clarity in some areas of their