Southampton, Hampshire, UK

A clients’ experience of her session

Here is a personal review of a clients experience of what she felt about her session. It has not been edited.

I offered to write this so that I could share my experiences of Regression Therapy and allow you to know what actually happens in a session with Colin, and how it feels, from the point of view of the person receiving the healing.

I had never tried anything like this before. I attended 2 of Colin’s spirit fair talks. I was drawn by Colin’s warmth and gentleness and by him explaining his experiences, showing that such Therapy can help to remove the effects of past traumas on our physical and emotional wellness.

I suffer from a number of permanent physical conditions which give me frequent pain. I was keen to see whether such Therapy could help with this.

I did not really know what to expect, when I went for my session in November 2022.

I went into the session feeling fairly relaxed and open to whatever might come along. I had no expectation of what might come up or how it might feel. I was open but a little sceptical of anything coming up for me. Honestly, I’d had a lot of counselling over the years for the many traumas I’d suffered, and if asked to articulate what I’d thought was unresolved, I’d have said it had all been dealt with, and there was no longer nothing there to find.

Colin started by taking a comprehensive history, outlining all the traumatic and challenging points in my life from childhood onwards. I was surprised to find this amounted to several pages of Colin’s notes. I thought Colin was getting a real challenge here, because how could he find a needle in such a big haystack!

I now know that Colin does not decide which issues to talk about, but is guided by spirit to what needs to be dealt with. As if they know what needs to be done and he’s just the person allowing them to channel their soul medicine to us. And, afterwards, I now know, he has no recall of what we shared.

Colin gently guided me through three traumatic events in my past, one by one, each very different in their impact. They seemed to flow naturally from each other. I was surprised to find myself in tears. I had not thought there was any emotional impact left in those events and that I’d just be recounting the facts, unaffected by the telling.

In my counselling previously I’d sometimes felt emotional pain on discussing difficult subjects, and afterwards it felt painful as if something had been opened up and left raw and exposed.

HOWEVER, with Colin, at no point during or after did I feel anything like that. I felt entirely safe and comfortable to talk from my very soul, and share how I was feeling. I cried as if the sadness was running out of my eyes. It did not hurt. I did not feel scared or traumatised. I felt like I was emptying a bin and Colin was taking it away for me.

I felt able to speak entirely openly, from my heart, and holding nothing back. The words seemed to just tumble out of me, without conscious control of them. I felt entirely safe and nurtured as I released the emotions. With each new situation as it was shared and resolved I felt very much lighter. At the end of each thing we talked about, I was given a gift which was sealed in place with white light, replacing the pain that had been in that place. It felt wonderful.

I had no concept of time passing. I just felt comfortable and welcomed whatever came out.

Colin also found two spirits which had, long ago, attached themselves to me, and had been causing me pain, without me realising. If you’d asked me at the outset I’d have said I couldn’t see how such a thing could happen ….and that that sort of thing only happened to other people. But I was mistaken. I was very surprised by what the two spirits brought up for me. It was extremely enlightening, particularly from a physical pain perspective.

Both spirits were gently encouraged to move out of me and to the light. I felt like I was just watching this all going on, interested but not at all fearful, as Colin chatted to the spirits and helped them move on. By the end I was left feeling even lighter….and with an overwhelming feeling of relief and freedom.

After the session we talked for a while. I felt like I had a huge smile and a bouncy happy feeling in my heart. I did not feel drained or traumatised by the difficult things we’d discussed. I smiled all the way home. I felt tired but energised, surprised and very very happy. As if I had been given a gift and was carrying it home with me.

I slept really well, for 12 solid hours, when I got home. Over the next few days I started to recall all that happened. Again there was no feeling of trauma, only of having released the power of those events and being lightened by the release of those burdens I’d been carrying, and which had been affecting me for so very long. I felt as if I’d had a locked cupboard, which I had not been conscious of, which had been full of all sorts of mess, and Colin gently jet-washed it out, right into the corners, leaving me with a pristine new cupboard.

I have been smiling more ever since. I feel like there is a bright line shining inside me. The feelings of lightness of being have continued.

I can whole-heartedly, and without any reservations, recommend Colin and this therapy to you. It has made a REAL difference to my life. If you would like to discuss this with me, or have any questions or concerns, I am happy for you to contact me, independantly, by email at

I wish you all the lightness of being that I am now experiencing.