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How a session works

When people come to me for a regression therapy session, I have no idea as to how a session will unfold.

At the start of each session, I will find out about a clients family background to identify any key players that may be involved in the session. I will ask about all main aspects of a persons life e.g. any sad memories, any trauma, relationship and work, etc. l also ask why they want the session. Quite often I find that someone may come to work on one topic, but find that they are ‘subconsciously’ sent here to work on something much more significant that they have not considered.

Whatever has happened in their life is not for me to judge or pass any opinion. I have heard all sorts of personal challenges and I do not remember a persons session afterwards.

My role is to provide a safe place to unburden their experiences and to hold the space, while the client does the work that is needed to help heal the soul. I work intuitively to help in the best way that I can.