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Many healthcare experts believe physical illnesses are a response to psychic stress and underlying unresolved emotional wounds may attribute to creating cancer. In any physical healing crisis, emotions are something that are often given little consideration and little aid.

There could be issues with family members, relationships, work issues, stress or of a specific life event. These are known as emotional conflicts that over a period of time, may attribute to ‘disease’ in the body’s health condition. When these conflicts are properly resolved then natural healing can occur.

On top of that, a cancer diagnosis itself creates an additional emotional burden to worry about for you and your family. Everyone around you partners, family and friends also gets affected in various ways – because of the potential long term affect of passing of life. I too, have lost close family members and people I have known, because of cancer so I understand the series of emotions that can be felt.

For those people who wish to take an active part of their own healthcare and who wish to also help themselves improve their ‘wellness’ in terms of mind, body and spirit.

I provide a holistic approach using hypnosis to help with the challenges nd will work with other specialists as a part of your wellness team. Being able to cope emotionally gives people more mental strength to handle their health journey and to cope with what else arises.

Some of the topics discussed through a holistic approach will include diet, exercise, lifestyle, relationships, your beliefs and resolving personal conflicts to help you understand why this is happening to you at this time.

I use conventional hypntherapy for relaxation and for pain control. I also use a specialised form of hypnosis for regression to help unblock old emotional wounds.

I offer a free 30 minute session, for cancer sufferers and their supporter to discuss your situation. There is no obligation to book any sessions.

I am not medically trained and I recommend people with any health concerns to visit their medical practitioner.

Cost of sessions

Hypnotherapy (Up to 75 minute sessions) (available to client and supporter seperately) £40

Introspective Hypnosis (3 hour session) £125

GB-4000 wellness session (1 hour sessions) £20