Group Past Life sessions

Group of 4 people for a Past Life ‘taster’ session

To give people a chance to try a Past Life Regression experience, I invite anyone to organise a group of four people in their home for an evening of ‘taster’ sessions. That way people can make up their own mind on what they make of it.

Each person will be regressed for up 30 minutes while the others in the group can watch and listen to the feedback while the person reports what he or she is experiencing. Not everyone ‘see’s, some people have an impression or a feeling of where they are. The rest of the group can then ask questions about the experience.

I work with one person at a time. I do not regress the whole group all at the same time because I want to fully focus on the one individual and make sure that they remain safe.

  • This type of session will not reveal anything of a personal nature about the person being regressed.
  • There is no guarantee that everyone will experience a past life and the success rate is 98%. People only need to be curious and open to explore.
  • The full three hour sessions are much more involved. They are personal and kept confidential.