Southampton, Hampshire, UK

How to prepare

Each session is very personal for the client so other family members or friends are unable to attend. Each session is sound recorded.

Preparing for your Regression Therapy session

You do not need to prepare anything before the session. Just come with an open mind, a brave heart and a willingness to explore.

You will be in a safe place, I will hold the space for you so we can work together as a team on whatever you feel is important to resolve.

Consider your biggest challenges that are seriously affecting the quality of your life now, whether its panic attacks, anxiety, anger, health issues, relationships, fears, phobias or sadness. If you have experienced bullying, abuse, low self worth, not feeling good enough, grief from loss of loved ones, trauma or abandonment then I may be able to help in a single session. during the session interview, I unfold a plan for the session to get to the source of an issue and work to help to resolve the emotional memory. The session uses effective roleplay, forgiveness techniques and more. It may lead to this lifetime or a past life.

Preparing for your Life Past QHHT session

This is more of a spiritual exploration into your life. Prepare and bring a list of about 12 questions (or so) that you would like answers to from your Higher Self. The questions can relate to anything that you are curious about. It can be on any aspect about your life:

  • life purpose
  • career path
  • health issues
  • phobias
  • fears
  • relationships
  • past life connections with people in your current life
  • the meaning of recurring dreams
  • inexplicable events in your life
  • reincarnation
  • angels and spirit guides
  • the Spirit Realm
  • the Source (God)

Further details will be given to you prior to your session.

At the session

During the 1-2-1 session, you are able to recline on a sofa and are covered with blankets to feel completely safe and relaxed.

For online sessions, a quiet bedroom is ideal. The session will be recorded for you.