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Past Life

Have we lived before?

Most academics refuse to accept the possibility that we are all spiritual beings experiencing a human existence on Earth for a short period. If past lives are real, then this surely challenges our beliefs about the world which we think we live in. What is real and what is not real?

Reports from many people who have out of body experiences, either in hospital or in fatal accidents all report similarities of going to the light or seeing spirits who say ‘its not your time yet.’

Children up to the age of five report memories of remembering having different parents and living in different places. Investigations report facts and sometimes birthmarks similar to the deceased person as being correct.

Some hypnotherapists and psychologists use hypnosis to regress their clients into past lives and into the spirit world. They have also written books on their findings that coincide with similar evidence also reported by Dolores Cannon, creator of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. So why is it that different regressions are reporting similar information?

I have been regressing people into past life’s for about fifteen years. People have varied in age between 14 to late 70’s. People have experiences that range from going back in time from fifty years to many thousands of years or even unknown time periods and off world places. Everyone experiences something different, regardless of their spiritual beliefs or cultural background. When people report similarities in the type and texture of clothing they are wearing, the taste of food that they eat, the descriptions of the buildings and sometimes the place names, these experiences are very real to the person.

Characters have included:

  • general workers
  • street children
  • aristocracy
  • sailors
  • witches
  • healers
  • teachers of harnessing energy in crystals
  • religious speakers
  • soldiers in various armies
  • light beings
  • a sea mist
  • energy
  • spirits in between lives
  • extra terrestrials
  • keepers of the galaxy

Most past life experiences also reveal life struggles and particular challenges living at that time, that coincidentally reflect in their current lifetime.

Are past lives real?

It is difficult to scientifically prove that past lives reported are real. From the amount of detail that is reported witnessed, together with place names and dates, it is not known where the information comes from. Dates can be incorrect when checked with historic information, but how do we know that our historic records are correct? Quite often, people living average lives had little knowledge or interest on historic events going on elsewhere. The world was a very big place and day to day living was the most important thing.

My job is to ensure that I avoid asking leading questions. I try to get any information possible to verify the lifetime being experienced. These can be place names, pub names, church names etc. and any dates.

The most interesting thing is that many people report that their experience is three dimensional and they observe much more than they talk about.

So why are we here?

Many people have no idea why they are here. According to Dolores Cannon and other past life regressionists, it is to work through karma. Karma is the balance of cause and effect. So if you have treated someone badly in a past life, your karmic debt to now repay (and learn from) is that you reincarnate again to experience someone do the same thing to you so that you are now on the receiving end of what you did. When we are born, the memory of the Karmic lesson, is purposely erased so people cannot cheat on the learning and the experience.

If the karmic lesson is not understood, then the lesson will be repeated until, it is understood. The past life (or it could be more than one) you experience, are to help you understand what karma you may be here to be working on.