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Q & A

How safe is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is completely safe and all it does is to use your imagination to help you become very relaxed. Similar to as if you were about to drift off to sleep.

Will I fall asleep?

No, even though you will be very deeply relaxed, you will actually be alert as well If there was an emergency for example, you could just get up.

Will you be able to control my mind and make me do things I dont want to do?

No, that is not possible. I give you positive suggestions that can take on board only if you wish. Your subconscious always protects you from ‘unconsciously’ doing something you would not usually do. Stage hypnotists use a vetting procedure to find the most easily pursuaded people to help with their entertainment act.

What is mind control?

Mind control is induced in someone by deeply traumatising a person against their wishes and then forcing them to do something against their will for fear of being traumatised again. There are also many day to day instances of subliminal messages seen everywhere with the use of advertising messages used to suggest to buy certain products or to be influenced to think in a specific way, etc.

Will I remember everything after the session?

Everyone is different, regardless of how deeply relaxed you become within the session.

People vary with what they remember after the session. Some remember everything, some remember a little. I also record the session so that you have a copy to watch later. Sometimes however, some session recordings do not work for reasons beyond my control. Many past life regressions experience this.

Are there any harmful effects from having a session?

None. After the session, you will feel very calm, relaxed and energised as if you have had a nice sleep. 

Will a session lead to avoiding Karma?

The sessions are unable to remove any lessons through hypnosis but to help you access into a past life so you can look at that lifetime and to gain learning from it. The session helps you to understand why you are here and why you have come into this lifetime.

How confidential are the session?

Every session is completely confidential between client and myself. Quite often, clients may talk about something that they have never shared to anyone before. They may get upset and this is quite common. My purpose is to facilitate the session for the client and not to judge in any way.

The session is for the client to explore their memories of their life experiences in a safe place and work through emotional healing that the client wants. After the session ends, I cannot remember what was discussed as I see so many clients.

Can I have someone stay with me during the session?

No, I work only with the client in a session. The session is purely for the client and it is important that the client can speak openly and honestly about anything that has happened in their life. This may be something that they have never shared before. Often the client may be tearful. It is important that they feel safe to express themselves so that the issue can be worked through as part of the emotional clearing that the session is designed for.

Is the session recorded?

I provide a copy of the session primarily for the client, if I can. Sometimes the recordings do not work because the higher self does not want a client to have a record of the session, for some reason. The session itself is enough for all that you need to know. Many other practitioners of QHHT experience similar failings in their attempt at recording a clients’ session. This is common. So even if we want to record a session, it may not work.

Generally in the session, the client goes into a very deep level of relaxation and may not remember everything that happens. All the information that they receive from their higher conscious may not be remembered. By having a copy of the session, the client can then go over all of the information that is accessed so that they can fully understand it.

If a client requests that the session is not recorded, then I am happy to not record it.

If the client does not remember everything in the session then they have no idea of what came up for them. They may then, miss out on the information. That is their choice.

Will all the session notes be destroyed after the session?

I keep a copy and notes for the session for training purposes. Like many other therapists, we are required to be monitored by our supervisors to ensure that we are providing a professional level of service that maintains a high standard of service to its clients.

Do you belong to any profession organisation?

Yes I belong to the British Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists (BSCH), Past Life Therapists Association and

As a member to these organisations, I agree to comply to their codes of conduct.

Are you insured?

Yes I am fully insured and it is a requirement of my professional membership.