Southampton, Hampshire, UK

Past Life Session (QHHT) old

Using Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)

This session will help a client to experience one or more past lives before gaining a connection to a higher consciousness to access profound knowledge of their current life.

QHHT is a special hypnotic method developed and refined by Dolores Cannon who was a hypnotherapist. She developed it by exploring past life experiences of thousands of people over 45 years.

From the information she acquired, she wrote 18 books on a wide of topics. These range from past lives, the spirit world, lost ancient knowledge, life on other planets and extra terrestrials.

Her techniques assist clients to achieve a deep level of trance and experience one or more past lives. To get an understanding of what they need to learn in their current lifetime.

The session also connects clients to a higher conscious that knows everything about the client. The higher conscious that gives advice on the current life, the life purpose, karma and relief from physical discomforts in the body.

Clients come to the session with questions on any aspect of their life for answers to the reasons why they have experienced particular events and health challenges in their life. Afer a QHHT session clients get an understanding of why they are in their current life, their karmic challenges, healing (if it is appropriate at this time), a true understanding of their life purpose and help realign themselves back on their spiritual journey.

Testimonials for QHHT sessions

My QHHT session with Colin was one of the most intense experiences in my life. The session helped me to understand myself more. I went through many past lives. It was fascinating. For me, the healing was exceptional and holistic. Wonderful experience and helped me so much on my spiritual journey. Colin is a fantastic facilitator. Thank you Colin, for helping me with this amazing discovery.

AA – Southampton

After receiving QHHT, I am feeling so much better, clearer thought’s, pain in my feet has gone, doing more in line with my spiritual side, thank you Colin.

TP – Winchester

Do you know what is really weird? Waking up for the past two mornings and just hopping out of bed. No locked joints. No struggle to make a cuppa. No pain at all other than in my neck and lower back. That’s pretty damn amazing although feels kind of odd after so many years of pain. Didn’t mention it till now in case it was a one off!

NG – Southampton

I am so grateful to Colin Mew for helping me understand myself more through Quantum Healing. The most profound part asking my higher self directly for answers. This experience confirmed for me without doubt that the answer really is within me and through this process can be accessed. I highly recommend Colin, he is so knowledgeable and I felt completely comfortable with what we talked about at all times.

JW – Southampton

Hi Colin, just wanted to thank you so much for the most incredible QHHT session. It was truly amazing! The past lives that came through were so relevant and they have helped me answer many questions. I now have a much better understanding of myself and feel excited for the future!

LH – Fleet

Colin has a very calming and confident manner. I had been suffering from chronic pain in the neck and shoulders and tingling and numbness in hand and arms. After about 10 minutes into session all the pain went and has not returned! I have also found I can now sleep without sleeping pills which I have been on for 2 years.

CM – Southampton