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Regressions old

Having a regression can be a profound life changing experience. It was for me. It has helped me question and explore everything about life.

A regression is a talking technique that helps gain access to memories and thoughts so that they can be explored in a safe way. The memory and response of every experience and every event is always stored somewhere in our subconscious mind as an emotional memory.

Memories of any trauma, mental and physical abuse, accidents and any situation that have left you feeling miserable, may eventually come to light as physical symptoms in the body.

These deep seated memories come from of an earlier time in your current lifetime or may even be from a long forgotten past life.

So a regression is used as a therapy or for past life investigations. Hypnosis is used to gain access to past lives. It is not always used for Regression Therapy.

Regression sessions are generally long (3 hours) single sessions.


Why is regression therapy so effective?

If you have tried other types of therapies before and they have not helped you then Regression Therapy may be the answer. You do not need to believe in past lives to be helped by this therapy.

For some people, it has been a spiritual awakening, a release from mental trauma and also provided physical healing. The testimonials for clients on the therapy page will give examples of benefits.

The regression therapy is a single session technique. We work together to investigate and reset the memory at its source, so that you can let it go and put it behind you.

After a therapy session, many clients say that they feel lighter as if a heavy weight has been lifted from their body. Some say it is like having a spiritual awakening. Others say that it has been a life changing experience to be free of what has been haunting them for many years.


What is a past life?

Some people believe that when we die, that is the end of us. Some people believe in reincarnation and that we are reborn again and have already lived before. I specialise in helping people to investigate and explore past lives.