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Regression therapy

The memory of a traumatic experience can be caused to be triggered and a person can then have an unexplained fear, phobia, physical symptom or personality change appear. Despite medical or emotional therapy, the trauma continues to exist.

This therapy does not hypnotic inductions. You do not need to believe in the idea of past lives.

It is called regression therapy because it may or may not, involve subconscious memories in what is ‘considered’ a past life situation. Regardless of a clients’ spiritual or religious beliefs and ethnicity, everyone has an ability to remember or make up a story when the subconscious mind considers it appropriate.

Regression Therapy provides healing at a soul level as it brings subconscious traumatic memories into the conscious mind for resolving.

This technique has been developed by Dr. José Luis Cabouli over many years. He believes that at the time of any trauma, a portion of our Soul’s energy fragments and gets trapped in that memory. From his work over many years, he has found that trauma’s may have been from childhood, being in our mothers’ womb or even from past life events.