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Past Life Videos

Some samples of people regression experiences who are curious about the concept and are open-minded to want to explore.

Past life taster experience

The videos are taken during a past life regression ‘taster session’ group of four environment. Each person is regressed one at a time. To get an idea of what people thought afterwards, the videos also show their reactions at the end. The group environment also gives the rest of the group, an opportunity to ask any questions directly to the person who has just had the experience.

Sample 1

Sample 2

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) – sample

To get answers to questions about the current lifetime, we connect to the Higher Consciousness or the Higher Self. The information is channeled vocally and is always given in the third tense e.g. ‘She..’

Introspective Hypnosis – sample

We work on specific emotional issues that are preventing you from being at peace. Every experience that we have in life, is recorded as emotional memories and held within our body. Negative emotional memories that are unresolved lead to inner conflict.

The session helps with ‘conflict resolution’ to release the emotional charge so that although the memory of the event remains, it no longer bothers you anymore. It helps resolve many issues a person carries around.

Sometimes it can also be found to be caused by an ‘attachment’ or a lost spirit that has made home in the host client. These are also removed sensitively and sent onto the spirit world to be reunited with loved ones waiting for them.

In this sample, we are working on ‘anger’ towards the mother (Brenda) who has since passed into the spirit world. Notice the change of tone of voice of Brenda.

This full session can be watched here: