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What is Hypnosis?

The hypnosis technique used for inducing a deep level of relaxation, is the same method as is used for a guided visualisation journey in a meditation experience.

The word ‘hypnosis’ is just a word used for defining the process. The hypnotic process enables someone to be guided to achieve an altered state of consciousness and restoring them back to alert consciousness again.

How does hypnosis work?

We all experience varying moments of relaxed concentration during each day. For example, when you are completely absorbed in an activity such as reading, watching a film or starting to fall asleep.

There is always a feeling of pleasant relaxation and being ‘switched off’ from everything around you or ‘being in a trance.’ When you are feeling this way you may not hear the phone ringing or someone talking to you.

This is how ‘being hypnotised’ feels like. Its like the feeling of meditating. You feel completely relaxed and yet if there was a sudden emergency, you could focus your attention and get up from your chair as usual.

Why use hypnotherapy?

If you liken your mind to a computer and your subconscious to the software that is not serving you as you would like. For example, you have developed a fear or a limiting belief that is detrimentally affecting your wellbeing or you want to change an unwanted behaviour e.g. stopping smoking, phobia relief, etc. or accessing memories of past events.

Hypnosis is used to help update and correct your ‘faulty software’ by using a relaxation process to enable your subconscious mind to be open and be more receptive to positive hypnosis suggestions.

Can everyone be hypnotised?

Only if you want to be. Some people do not wish to be hypnotised because they may feel afraid to ‘lose their control’ and be made to do things they don’t want to do. This is not the case as you are always in complete control. Your subconscious always protects you and will only take on suggestions that you really want. This is why some people cannot just give up smoking unless they have a real subconscious desire to want to stop. Many people like the relaxed feeling that hypnotherapy brings because it helps to de-stress people completely.

The experience of hypnosis is very safe.

Yes, very safe. A hypnosis session is always a consenting agreement between the client and myself that we work together. The client is in full control as to how deeply relaxed they wish to go. I am just a facilitator to help the client achieve access to the subconscious mind where the deep memories and thoughts reside that we can explore. If there was an emergency, the client could just get up.

After the session the client will feel very relaxed and peaceful.

Hypnosis is a complementary treatment that can be used alongside medical treatments. It has been used effectively for many years alongside modern medical treatments of the NHS and in dental practices.