Southampton, Hampshire, UK



I have always been fascinated by the idea of past lives. Are they real?

After experiencing it myself and feeling I was ‘awake in a dream’ yet it was 3 dimensional. I was in a pine forest and my village was being attacked and burned by raiders. Not a pleasant experience but I was even more curious about it. I learnt and practised with many people, starting with family and friends. I have been practising regressions into exploring past lives for 20 years.

Each time, I am helping people experiencing something that I still can’t explain. I have had one or two instances that I have found that historically, the info I was able to confirm was accurate. One instance was of a Naval ship in the 1700’s and another was the existence of an old pub in Exeter, UK that was susequently destroyed in WW2.

QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique)

The last few years I have been using Dolores Cannon’s QHHT to take past live experiences onto a new level. Her techniques have enabled clients to gain access to a ‘higher Consciousness’ to channel information about the current life, their life purpose and to witness some physical healing.

Beyond QHHT

Past life exploration has recently led me into a new direction of how regressions can also provide very powerful therapy sessions that go beyond counselling to resolve trauma and provide healing at a soul level.

It is not necessary to believe whether past lives are real to be helped by a therapy session.

As a certified clinical hypnotherapist, I specialise in REGRESSION techniques to help people work on emotional traumas and for people who are curious about past lives. Regressions can include back to earlier years in the current lifetime, back to the time in the womb (and at birth) and back to a previous lifetime.

Other training

My qualifications and skill sets are also very varied. I have also trained extensively in many holistic practices so that I have a good understanding of how well they can work for people. I understand how people are challenged in their lives. I have been looking for a technique that is able to assist people in overcoming mental and physical challenges in peoples’ lives. 

For me, Regression Therapy is able to provide healing on so many levels in only a single. My goal is to help people understand these challenges and to find inner peace using Regression.