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Introspective Hypnosis or QHHT?

Which one is best for me?

Either of these two sessions can be very profound in providing you with outstanding emotional and spiritual healing.


If you wish to work on specific fears, phobias, specific issues, or physical conditions (it may not necessarily lead to a past life) – Introspective Hypnosis.

An Introspective Hypnosis session helps you understand and remove emotional memories that cause energy blockages held deeply within the body. Energy attachments can be removed and connections to loved ones may take place. A past life may not always be experienced.


This method is Dolores Cannon’s QHHT technique.

If you wish to experience a past life, or have a list of questions you want some answers about your current lifetime and you want to connect to your Higher Conscious – Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)

A QHHT session is designed to help you understand what your life purpose is in this current lifetime with a past life experience. Many people have no idea what their life purpose is and what karma they need to work through. Karma is the balance of cause and effect played out in different lifetimes. Many people having a QHHT session may also experience immediate physical healing (if it is the appropriate time) on their body.

Cost of sessions;

Past life regression ‘taster’ session for a group of four people. Each person has a unique 30 minute experience, one at a time. – £25 each at group host location.

One-to-one past life regression session that lasts an hour. You will experience one or more past lives. – £60

Introspective Hypnosis session to help you with specific emotional challenges. Fears, phobias, trauma, resolving issues with people in the spirit world, removing energy attachments, etc. Allow 3 hours. – £140 at Hythe or £175 at Southampton.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) that uses past life regression to help you understand all aspects about your life, such as your life purpose, obtaining answers about your life and advice about resolving your karma. Physical healing may also take place. Allow 3 hours. – £140 at Hythe or £175 at Southampton


I always have a waiting list so please contact me by email or phone to book your session.

Or for more information:

Please see Contact Page for details.

Location of sessions

Group of four for past life experience (allow 3 hours)

I travel to the group organisers’ home and we all meet at that location. A small travel cost charge may also be charged for locations outside of the Southampton area. This is agreed at the time of the booking.

Full therapy sessions (allow 3 or more hours)

These sessions are currently being held either in Hythe or in Southampton. Hythe is located on the edge of the New Forest between Beaulieu and Totton. The exact location will be given nearer the time of the session.